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Regional leader in water treatment systems

Products of Ozonia

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Ozonia is the leading company globally active in systems for disinfection of water, ozone generation systems and UV systems.

As a world leader in disinfection of water Ozonia company produces ozone generators and UV generators as well as high quality supporting systems for a wide range of working capacities and different purposes. Production of Ozonia’s systems is based on extensive experience of experts in this area and in collaboration with specialized research institutes, all according to Swiss quality requirements. As the only regional distributor of Ozonia, Fyltris is able to quickly find a solution to clients’ problems and to provide all necessary support in the procurement, installation and maintenance during system operation.

Example of a simple system for drinking water treatment

All facilities for disinfection with ozone and UV systems delivered in coopration with Ozonia are design in accordance with existing regulations, international standards and ecological principles, which makes them completely safe and secure for operation. Ozonia’s development team ensures products’ safety, efficiency and easy operation, all with good price/quality ratio.

Details of Ozonia’s products

- Ozone systems (ozone generators, destructors of ozone, ozone analyzers, ozone detectors, contact systems, components, accessories, etc)
- UV systems

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