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Filter nozzles

The purpose of “Fyltris” filter nozzles is installation in rapid sand filters. There are two types of rapid sand filters:

• open type (for preparation of drinking water in urban water supply sistem) and
• closed type (for preparation of feed water, precess and cooling water in industry).

One of the advantages of rapid sand filter is uniform collection and drainage of the filtrate, as well as the even distribution of water and air over the entire filter surface during backwashing.

Applications of the filter nozzles that we are producing includes: drinking water treatment, production of demineralized water, urban and industrial wastewater treatment, filtration of river or well water for irrigation and water for swimming pools, etc.
Nozzles are available in several models and sizes (slots, thread, thread length and the length of the nozzle) and are made of polypropylene in different colors. In accordance with the mechanical and chemical properties, and thermal resistance the professional personnel of the “Fyltris” company selects the ones best suited to each plant’s operating conditions and therefore guarantee maximum operation and durability.

All filter nozzle model specified in this catalogue have been tested by relevant institutes in terms of mechanical and hydraulic characteristics, chemical resistance and physical perfection.