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Equipment and system reparation

Through its consulting team Company Fyltris has extensive experience in the assessment and repair of facilities for ozone and their supporting systems.
The primary reasons for the repair of the existing system are:

- Obsolescence of technology makes installation much less reliable
- Technologically advanced systems can significantly increase the efficiency of the facility
- Purpose and capacity of the facility are changing from the original design and purpose

To cope with these problems Fyltris has developed a unique solution: defect treatment, development of design, solution, installation and commissioning, and training of your team at the facility.

Fyltris’ experienced consultants offer service through operational and business needs:

- Verification of complete facility, identification of current and potential problems
- Consulting service in order to develop the best solution for your needs
- Complete/partial reparation

Key benefits of reconstruction and improvement of the system are reflected in the comprehensive package, very good value for money, increased service life, reliability and optimal efficiency of the facility.

Repair of the system is better than the failure of the existing system.