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The main purpose of the diffuser systems is:

• treatment of drinking water
• wastewater treatment
• processes with similar applications

It is very important that the ozone is introduced into the process in the most efficient manner. One of the most popular method is setting a diffuser at the bottom of contact tank which will discharge homogenous bubbles uniformly through the water inside the tank.
Application, nominal flow and ozone dose are key factors that will determine the size and number of dome diffusers which will also affect the dimensions of the tank. For example, facilities for drinking water production require low doses of ozone, short contact time and one chamber with diffusers for ozonation, while facilities for waste water treatment require much higher dose of ozone, longer contact time and multiple chambers for ozonation.

Basic characteristics of ceramic diffusers FDP are:

- Mass transfer efficiency> 90%
- The formation of homogeneous bubble
- Highly resistant ceramic material
- Stability in the long exploitation period
- Easy to assemble and dismantle
- Maintenance free
- Widely accepted technology

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